The Tutor Advantage

Our Tutor Promise

We at The Tutor Advantage understand today’s demand for academic success. We promise to inspire your child, help them pursue their interests, and challenge their difficulties in any subject area. The Tutor Advantage separates itself from other competitors by being exclusive to our clients and to York Region, offering top quality tutors to children in one-on-one sessions. Our tutors make your sessions comfortable for you and your child, offering sessions either in the privacy of your own home or at local spots (such as a library, coffee shop, or community centre). Most importantly, our tutors consist only of trained O.C.T. certified teachers. Once your child’s desired subject area has been established, we will set him/her up with a tutor who has qualifications in that specific area-ensuring your child is matched with a highly qualified and skilled individual who knows how to cater to your child’s needs. Do not be fooled by competitor tutor companies that charge a lot of money but hire high school or university level students to teach your child.

This is a teacher created and teacher run tutoring company. As teachers, we care about the wellbeing of your child and want him/her to succeed as much as you do. We will offer course materials, work with your child’s current teacher, and use visual, oral, and hands-on manipulatives to ensure your child learns through their own personal learning style. Free from the intimidation or fear of failure from a large classroom setting, your child will feel comfortable to ask questions and repeat confusing theories to ensure successful progress.  We believe in your children and want to help encourage and inspire growth. 
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We only offer fully licensed teachers, who have teaching experience in classrooms from Kindergarten to Grade 10 in the public and private sectors. This is your chance to have a classroom teacher privately tutor your child for a fraction of the cost!