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"A big thank you to The Tutor Advantage and it's amazing tutors! My family and I  are so thankful for the extra help and support our tutor has given our daughter Kaitlyn. She is beginning to pick books up on her own and is putting a lot of effort into her writing!"

-Mrs. Goulakis, Markham

"Thank you Tutor Advantage for the amazing art lessons you taught Lisa, she loves working with you! 

-Mrs. Garland, Newmarket

"I am so impressed with the way my tutor took the time and care to teach my son. Max and I are always excited when our tutor comes because we know he will be getting one step closer to his academic goals."

-Mrs. Di Marca, Richmond Hill

"I am SO thankful for my child's tutor. She knew exactly how to cater to my son's needs. I have had a tough time getting my son to be excited about writing, especially in grade 5! But with the guidance of our tutor, he has felt more and more comfortable to write larger pieces of writing. I am thrilled with our results!!!"

-Mrs. Aldo, Woodbridge

"I just began my journey with The Tutor Advantage and am very impressed with how professional and well-prepared they are in my son's subject area. Science was always difficult for my son, and I have seen the way our tutor using hands-on tools and strategies to help him understand large concepts in a simple manner. I am happy with our results and am thrilled to have finally found a top notch tutoring company in my area."

-Mr. Alvi, Richmond Hill

‚Äč"My daughter goes to a private school and needed one-on-one attention regarding her mathematics. We are so happy with our results as The Tutor Advantage helped her improve her work, as I noticed an increase in her school grades and understanding of course material. We've tried some other tutors in the past but no company compares to The Tutor Advantage, it is obvious that these are trained and skilled teachers who care about the wellbeing and progress of their clients. We are so happy with The Tutor Advantage and would recommend them to anyone!"

-Mrs. Steinfeld, Thornhill


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